Face masks in different colours

Choose a mask that fits your personality, outfit or your mood.
Go for maximum comfort. Ships within 24 hours.

Breezy masks are multi-functional


A sport/face mask is perfect for individual or group sports. Whether it is soccer, cycling, judo or any other sport, stay safe! No doubt Breezy is the only comfortable face mask for practicing sports.


Do you need to wear a mask for hours on end during your workday? Then comfort and comprehensibility is important for you. The Breezy mask is perfect for long workdays.


Doing quick errands or going on activities with friends or family? With a Breezy face mask you can freely breath with maximum comfort. Keep your mask close and you will always stay safe.

Why choose a Breezy face mask?


Focus on comfort,all day long


Efficient filtration thanks to our 3 different custom filters


Available in 3 sizes for the best fit: S-M-L


Optimal protection,breathable to the outside,not permeable to the inside.