Working safely with a Breezy face mask

Working from home is not always possible. In some sectors, it is expected that as an employee, you just come to your workplace during the Covid-19 pandemic, often because it really cannot be otherwise.  To ensure that you can work safely without compromising on comfort, we have developed the Breezy face mask. With the Breezy mouth mask you can work safely in any sector without running the risk of contaminating anyone or contaminating yourself. If, for example, you work as a driver, agent or security guard, it is important that you can carry out your work safely on location. With the Breezy face mask you can work safely without being afraid of shortness of breath or shortness of breath during your work.

Working safely on the work floor

During this hazardous period, employers and employees have to adapt to the development of the virus and the accompanying measures. In various situations it has therefore become compulsory to wear a face mask. Why is safe working important and how do you best protect yourself and your colleagues against the Covid-19 virus?

Nowadays, working safely and wearing a mouth mask go hand in hand so that you and the people around you are protected against the Covid-19 virus. If you have to spend a full working day wearing a face mask, then wearing a face mask comfortably, intelligibility, ventilation and hygiene are extremely important. Unlike disposable face masks, the Breezy mask does not put pressure on the ears, but the mask is supported by a comfortable headband in combination with ear loops.

With the Breezy work mask you can breathe in breathable mesh fabric and the valves ensure that heat and CO2 accumulation can escape easily. Because of these properties you can wear a Breezy face mask longer than a disposable one. The soft inner layer and custom filters also prevent skin irritation while wearing the mask.

Do you work as a driver, order picker, host or hostess, in the office or as a facility staff? Then it is important that you protect yourself and your surroundings with a suitable face mask for your work.

Security agents, insurance experts and real estate agents also benefit from our work mask. Professions like these require that, despite wearing the mask, you also have to be clearly understandable. Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Then we also offer the possibility to personalise the mask with, for example, the company logo.

With the Breezy mouth mask, safe working becomes easy and comfortable. Whether you exercise intensively during your work, work long hours or have a lot of contact with other people: with our Covid-19 approved by Centexbel Breezy face mask you can go to work every day with a safe feeling.

Keep working safely in times of Covid 19

With our Breezy face mask you will find the perfect balance between protection, free breathing and fresh air during labour intensive work. Our filters offer the right protection for every situation. For example, you can choose a 4-layer filter for medium intensive jobs or a 5-layer filter for intensive jobs. If you are also looking for protection against fine dust particles, smog, exhaust fumes and other hazardous substances in the air, then choose our AC80 carbon filter.

Go to work with safety and peace of mind with our Breezy face mask. Curious about the possibilities of a personalised mask for the whole office? Then send an email to for more information and our rates.

Breezy face mask for everyone

Whether you are young or old, wearing a face mask is almost impossible to imagine the streets without. During this second lockdown, it becomes more and more important that you protect yourself and your environment from harmful substances and virus particles in the air. The Breezy face mask offers not only excellent protection through our exchangeable filters, but also sufficient comfort to continue all your daily activities without being afraid of the risk of Covid-19 contamination. Everyday wearing comfort is the norm with a Breezy mask. If you have to go outside for shopping, for example, then a Breezy mask offers protection for you and your environment.

Mandatory face masks

Going to the shop, walking around in the park, walking the dog or a day out. It's all not the same as before. In public areas it is compulsory in most countries to wear a face mask as of 1 December. This is not only the standard so that you remain protected, but it is also important to wear a mouth mask to protect the vulnerable people around you.

In order to fight the Covid-19 virus together, it is important that we all take a little more account of each other than is normal. Make sure you keep your distance from other people and protect yourself and your environment with the help of a good face mask.

The Breezy face mask not only guarantees good safety, but also comfort and appearance. The face face are available in two versions and various trendy colours so there is always a mouth mask in your favourite colour.

The advantages of the Breezy face mask:

  • Made of ultra-breathable mesh fabric
  • Washable at 60 degrees in washing machine
  • Replaceable filters for ultimate protection
  • Version available with and without valves
  • Choice of 6 popular colours
  • 3 sizes for the ideal fit
  • AC80 filter: developed for the big city

The Breezy face mask is made of mesh fabric. This gives the face mask a sporty/luxurious look which makes it suitable for any outfit. By choosing from 6 different colours you can also buy a face mask that fits well in your wardrobe. The velcro headband provides good support which reduces the pressure on your ears. The Breezy mouth mask is available in a variant with valves that keep you fresh and awake. Do you prefer to go out with a normal face mask without valve holes? Then choose our new Casual Breezy mouth mask. Finally, the mouth mask is equipped with a sturdy nose clip that keeps the mask in place at all times.

Choose today for comfort and protection during your everyday activities and choose a Breezy face mask in your favourite colour. If you live in the busy city, our AC80 filter gives you extra protection against smog, exhaust fumes and other dangers of the big city.

Opt for comfort, protection and safety with the Breezy Mask. Take a look at our entire range here and choose your new face mask.

Breezy masks and glasses

Are you looking for a mouth cap where your glasses don't fog up? Traditional face caps are made in such a way that air can escape at the top, bottom and sides of the mouth cap. This allows fresh air to enter and the air you breathe out can also escape. The risk, however, is that every time you exhale with a disposable mask on, your glasses will fog up. With the Breezy face mask and the unique design of the mask, fogged glasses are now a thing of the past. From now on, feel free to step out the door without having to take your glasses off to remove the condensation.

Face mask suitable for your glasses

The Breezy mask makes wearing a face mask comfortable for all spectacle wearers in Europe. Now that it is mandatory to wear a mouth mask in most public places, it is a good idea to look for a face mask with the most benefits for your situation. Wearing glasses and a face mask at the same time brings a lot of challenges. In addition to the fact that the ear loops start to cut over time, the iron wire with which you can shape a traditional mouth mask is simply not enough to prevent fogged up spectacles.

Unique design: mouth cap suitable for spectacle wearers

Because of its unique design, the Breezy face mask is the perfect face mask for spectacle wearers. Due to the velcro neckband and the use of mesh fabric for the entire mouthpiece, the mouthpiece almost feels like a second skin. The mask is well supported by the neckband that traditional face masks do not have, so you have less discomfort when wearing the mask.

Because of the presence of a nice nose clip you can place the face mask well on your face. Press the nose clip for a good fit on your face and then put your glasses on your nose. The nose clip prevents condensation of the glasses during exhalation so that you can continue to see well at all times while wearing the face mask. The Breezy mouth mask can easily be washed out in the washing machine at 60°, allowing you to reuse the mask at any time.

Face mask and driving lessons

If you are busy with your driving lessons there is no possibility to take a meter distance from your driving instructor. While driving, however, it is very important that you can see well. As a wearer of glasses in the car, it is therefore not useful if your glasses are fogged up while driving, and you still need to be able to protect yourself and your surroundings against the Covid-19 virus.

Today, opt for a Breezy face mask with unique properties that protect you and your surroundings against harmful substances in the air, without sacrificing comfort or normal vision.

Get your new Breezy mouth mask today and choose safety, comfort and protection for you and your environment. Take a look at our entire range and enjoy the comfort and safety that our Breezy face mask can offer you.

Breezy face mask at school

In order to be able to learn well, it is important that you can keep your attention. Face masks at school have become compulsory in most countries, but a traditional disposable mouth mask does not have the features that makes learning and memorising material easier for you as a student. With the Breezy mouth mask, attending your lectures and lessons becomes a lot more comfortable. You can hold your attention more easily because you won't be distracted by shortness of breath and discomfort caused by cutting ear loops. You can attach the face mask with a nose clip so that the mask always stays in place. With Breezy, making your exams, exams and schoolwork undisturbed is back to normal.

Mask at school

Wearing a face mask at school ensures that pupils and teachers can protect themselves against the coronavirus. While learning, fresh air ensures that you can remain alert, awake and focused. Wearing a traditional disposable mask quickly causes the mask to be too big or too small for your face, you will have difficulty breathing normally and you will soon suffer from skin irritation if you wear the mask too long.
With the Breezy mouth mask, such inconveniences are a thing of the past.

Our mask has been specially designed so that you can go to school all day with a safe mask without worries. Keep yourself, your fellow students and teachers safe from the Covid-19 virus without the inconveniences that reduce your performance at school.

Mask at secondary school

Going to secondary school with a face mask is quite a challenge. Besides the fact that the mask has to fit well, offer the right protection and feel comfortable, it is also very important that the mouth mask fits your outfit nicely. To ensure that every student can go to school with a suitable mask, we offer the Breezy face mask in various trendy colours.

If you quickly suffer from distractions, it is best to choose a face mask with valves so that CO2 accumulation and heat can easily drain away. Through the ventilation holes you will get enough fresh air without virus particles getting the chance to infect you. Do you prefer a normal mask? Then opt for our new Casual face mask without valves. With our masks you can safely and fashionably take to the next level.

Adequate protection and comfort

The Breezy face mask has a unique design. Because of the extra headband and the ear loops, the face mask is comfortably supported so that you are less likely to suffer from a trapped feeling behind your ears. You attach the face mask with the nose clip and the Breezy mouth masks are available in sizes S to L so there is always a suitable mouth mask for your face.

Protect yourself and your fellow man against the dangers of the Covid-19 virus. Get your new Breezy mouth mask today and go to school safely, comfortably and fashionably. Do you want to personalise your face mask? Then contact us via and ask about the possibilities.

Playing football with a BREEZY face mask: comfortable and safe sports

The football face mask from BREEZY provides you with the comfort you need during sports. You want to be able to keep playing football, but in a safe way. A classic face mask is not suitable for this. Certainly not because your breathing changes during sports or football. BREEZY football sports masks do meet these requirements. But what makes these sport masks so different? And why is a BREEZY face mask perfectly suitable for football? You can read all about it in this article.

Play unobstructed and safe football with the sports face masks from BREEZY

Feeling free and being able to move freely while playing football is important. This way you are able to bring out the best in yourself. This is possible with BREEZY football masks. They do not hinder you in any way. These mouth caps are provided with an ergonomic fit, filters and integrated valves. In addition, our face masks are distinguished by the following features:

  • Hypo-allergenic mesh face mask with breathable properties
  • Prevents the formation of CO2 through integrated valves
  • Replaceable filters
  • Machine washable at 60 degrees

A BREEZY face mask is also suitable for playing football due to the excellent fit. The masks are provided with an elastic headband. You can easily make this size by means of a Velcro closure. This way you will not be hindered in your freedom of movement while playing football.

In addition, the football face masks are available in 3 different sizes. So you always wear a mask that suits you. The BREEZY football sports masks are hygienically clean at 60 degrees. They are available in 6 colors and can also be printed with the logo of your football club.

Football sports face mask with CO2 valve and filter

Whether you play football alone or in a team, you want to be able to give it your all. This means that your heart rate is increased, which also accelerates your breathing. Breathing in and out in a traditional face mask would cause an accumulation of CO2. A BREEZY face mask is provided with a valve and a Centexbel certified and replaceable filter. The filters prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This while the valve ensures optimal air circulation.

This prevents an accumulation of CO2 due to exhalation. So with a BREEZY football face mask you stay energetic and alert, even during your peak moment. In combination with the excellent fit and the extra filters, a BREEZY sports face mask is best suited to wear during football.

A face mask for sports ? That is possible with the sports masks from BREEZY!

As an athlete you naturally want to be able to practice your sport safely. Safety is even more important these days when you exercise with a group. Corona is not over yet, so as an athlete we would better wear a mouth mask. Unfortunately, the regular mouth masks are far from suitable for sports. That is why we at BREEZY have come up with the best mouth masks for athletes and we will tell you all about that in this blog.

What's wrong with a classic face mask?

To understand the difference with our sports masks, it is important that you know what is wrong with a standard mouth mask. For example, when you play football or basketball, your breathing will go much faster and it is important that you can draw in enough clean air. In addition, you want to get the best out of yourself while exercising and there is no room for irritations or painful ears. All of this is going to be a problem with a standard surgical mask. If you have a face mask that fits well on your face without a filter, this can cause you to breathe unhealthy air during exercise. BREEZY mouth masks have filters to allow you to breathe in and out correctly. In addition, they also offer extra protection against Covid-19 and have been specially tested for this by the Belgian lab Centexbel.

When you are playing football or basketball, even a sweatband that does not fit properly can cause unwanted irritation. Let alone a face mask that creeps up to your eyes or in which you cannot breathe properly. We at BREEZY have thought of that for you, the sports masks come in different sizes and have elastic ear loops to keep the mask in place during sports.

Are there any other benefits?

There are certainly other benefits that you get with a BREEZY sports mask. Let's dig a little deeper into the filters. These not only stop Covid19, the mouth masks also stop fine dust particles, smog, exhaust gases and pollen. This is very important when you are exercising in the city, near a highway or with hay fever. In addition, the filters are also replaceable, and you get 4 from us with each set!

Do you also find the substance of a classic comfort mask so irritating to your face? We do too, which is why we at BREEZY have chosen a special inner fabric for our sports mouth masks. This fabric is very comfortable, and you will not get any skin irritation.

As you have read, we have developed these face masks especially for you as an athlete, which is why football players and basketball players are so positive about this. You can adapt them to your outfit or club colours in black, blue (both dark blue and light azure blue), red, orange and grey. And this in 3 sizes small, medium and large.

If it is not mandatory, do it anyway and be protected!

Wear this face mask for sports with any sport: football, volleyball, handball, basketball, badminton, tennis, padel, ping pong, volleyball, netball, hockey, ice hockey, fitness, dancing, fitness, and in combat sports or martial arts such as judo, karate, aikido, jiu-jitsu, kempo and many other sports.

Face mask for combat sports

Safe martial arts with the Breezy sports mask

The Corona Crisis threw a wrench into the work of many people who practice martial arts. Nowadays, it is not safe to train together without running the risk of infection. At least you would think so. There is definitely a way to do boxing, karate, judo, or any other combat sport safely. This by choosing the Breezy sports mask. It's time to see what this mouth mask can do for martial artists!

The risk in martial arts

Before looking at the benefits of the Breezy Comfort Mask, it's worth zooming in on the combat sport itself. Why is combat sport so difficult at the moment? Martial arts are one of the few sports where it is impossible to keep a distance from each other. You will have to grab, hit or kick the opponent at some point. Social distancing is not possible. Without proper protection, there is a good chance that drops of saliva will end up on the other person's face. If you are infected with the coronavirus and not know it, you can simply infect the other person.

The right protection with Breezy

Martial arts without protection are therefore not possible. But a martial art with a normal paper mouth mask isn't much fun. With each movement you make, the mouth mask shifts and no longer offers adequate protection. Fortunately, Breezy's Sports Mask changes that. This is a mouth mask specially designed for athletes. And it always goes well with your kimono or under protection.

All the masks you can order from us are reusable. After training, you can put the mouth mask in the storage bag provided so you don't have to touch it anymore. Throw it in the washing machine and use the sports mask again in the next workout. Thanks to the powerful “Covid-19 approved” filters, you are now at least protected.

Suitable for any type of combat sport

Although you can use our mouth mask for almost any sport, it is especially suitable for people who play combat sports. This is mainly because it stays in place with the headband. Whether you plan to do a high kick during MMA or roll your opponent to the ground during wrestling, with the Breezy Sports Mask you can enjoy sports. You will be protected by the powerful filter in all close contact sports. It is not only pleasant for you, but also for your training partner. This is the purchase for anyone who practices Thai Boxing, Ji-jitsu, Kickboxing or any other martial art!

If, despite the Corona measurements, you still want and are allowed to do martial arts, then the Breezy Mouth Mask is the trump card to craft. With this comfort mask, you will not only be able to exercise comfortably, but also know for sure that you can exercise safely. Take a look at the range to see which Breezy sports mouth masks are currently available!

INTERESTED? Email us at for special rates for your sports club. Printing with the club logo is also possible.

Suitable sports: Judo, Karate, Thai box, Boxing, Ji-jitsu, Thai-jitsu, Nin-jitsu, Kempo, Aikido, Kickboxing, Savate, MMA, Wrestling, Kapoeira, Escrima, Budo, Kendo, Krav-maga, Kungfu, Thai chi and many others.