In order to be able to learn well, it is important that you can keep your attention. Face masks at school have become compulsory in most countries, but a traditional disposable mouth mask does not have the features that makes learning and memorising material easier for you as a student. With the Breezy mouth mask, attending your lectures and lessons becomes a lot more comfortable. You can hold your attention more easily because you won’t be distracted by shortness of breath and discomfort caused by cutting ear loops. You can attach the face mask with a nose clip so that the mask always stays in place. With Breezy, making your exams, exams and schoolwork undisturbed is back to normal.

Mask at school

Wearing a face mask at school ensures that pupils and teachers can protect themselves against the coronavirus. While learning, fresh air ensures that you can remain alert, awake and focused. Wearing a traditional disposable mask quickly causes the mask to be too big or too small for your face, you will have difficulty breathing normally and you will soon suffer from skin irritation if you wear the mask too long.
With the Breezy mouth mask, such inconveniences are a thing of the past.

Our mask has been specially designed so that you can go to school all day with a safe mask without worries. Keep yourself, your fellow students and teachers safe from the Covid-19 virus without the inconveniences that reduce your performance at school.

Mask at secondary school

Going to secondary school with a face mask is quite a challenge. Besides the fact that the mask has to fit well, offer the right protection and feel comfortable, it is also very important that the mouth mask fits your outfit nicely. To ensure that every student can go to school with a suitable mask, we offer the Breezy face mask in various trendy colours.

If you quickly suffer from distractions, it is best to choose a face mask with valves so that CO2 accumulation and heat can easily drain away. Through the ventilation holes you will get enough fresh air without virus particles getting the chance to infect you. Do you prefer a normal mask? Then opt for our new Casual face mask without valves. With our masks you can safely and fashionably take to the next level.

Adequate protection and comfort

The Breezy face mask has a unique design. Because of the extra headband and the ear loops, the face mask is comfortably supported so that you are less likely to suffer from a trapped feeling behind your ears. You attach the face mask with the nose clip and the Breezy mouth masks are available in sizes S to L so there is always a suitable mouth mask for your face.

Protect yourself and your fellow man against the dangers of the Covid-19 virus. Get your new Breezy mouth mask today and go to school safely, comfortably and fashionably. Do you want to personalise your face mask? Then contact us via and ask about the possibilities.