Whether you are young or old, wearing a face mask is almost impossible to imagine the streets without. During this second lockdown, it becomes more and more important that you protect yourself and your environment from harmful substances and virus particles in the air. The Breezy face mask offers not only excellent protection through our exchangeable filters, but also sufficient comfort to continue all your daily activities without being afraid of the risk of Covid-19 contamination. Everyday wearing comfort is the norm with a Breezy mask. If you have to go outside for shopping, for example, then a Breezy mask offers protection for you and your environment.

Mandatory face masks

Going to the shop, walking around in the park, walking the dog or a day out. It’s all not the same as before. In public areas it is compulsory in most countries to wear a face mask as of 1 December. This is not only the standard so that you remain protected, but it is also important to wear a mouth mask to protect the vulnerable people around you.

In order to fight the Covid-19 virus together, it is important that we all take a little more account of each other than is normal. Make sure you keep your distance from other people and protect yourself and your environment with the help of a good face mask.

The Breezy face mask not only guarantees good safety, but also comfort and appearance. The face face are available in two versions and various trendy colours so there is always a mouth mask in your favourite colour.

The advantages of the Breezy face mask:

  • Made of ultra-breathable mesh fabric
  • Washable at 60 degrees in washing machine
  • Replaceable filters for ultimate protection
  • Version available with and without valves
  • Choice of 6 popular colours
  • 3 sizes for the ideal fit
  • AC80 filter: developed for the big city

The Breezy face mask is made of mesh fabric. This gives the face mask a sporty/luxurious look which makes it suitable for any outfit. By choosing from 6 different colours you can also buy a face mask that fits well in your wardrobe. The velcro headband provides good support which reduces the pressure on your ears. The Breezy mouth mask is available in a variant with valves that keep you fresh and awake. Do you prefer to go out with a normal face mask without valve holes? Then choose our new Casual Breezy mouth mask. Finally, the mouth mask is equipped with a sturdy nose clip that keeps the mask in place at all times.

Choose today for comfort and protection during your everyday activities and choose a Breezy face mask in your favourite colour. If you live in the busy city, our AC80 filter gives you extra protection against smog, exhaust fumes and other dangers of the big city.

Opt for comfort, protection and safety with the Breezy Mask. Take a look at our entire range here and choose your new face mask.