Are you looking for a mouth cap where your glasses don’t fog up? Traditional face caps are made in such a way that air can escape at the top, bottom and sides of the mouth cap. This allows fresh air to enter and the air you breathe out can also escape. The risk, however, is that every time you exhale with a disposable mask on, your glasses will fog up. With the Breezy face mask and the unique design of the mask, fogged glasses are now a thing of the past. From now on, feel free to step out the door without having to take your glasses off to remove the condensation.

Face mask suitable for your glasses

The Breezy mask makes wearing a face mask comfortable for all spectacle wearers in Europe. Now that it is mandatory to wear a mouth mask in most public places, it is a good idea to look for a face mask with the most benefits for your situation. Wearing glasses and a face mask at the same time brings a lot of challenges. In addition to the fact that the ear loops start to cut over time, the iron wire with which you can shape a traditional mouth mask is simply not enough to prevent fogged up spectacles.

Unique design: mouth cap suitable for spectacle wearers

Because of its unique design, the Breezy face mask is the perfect face mask for spectacle wearers. Due to the velcro neckband and the use of mesh fabric for the entire mouthpiece, the mouthpiece almost feels like a second skin. The mask is well supported by the neckband that traditional face masks do not have, so you have less discomfort when wearing the mask.

Because of the presence of a nice nose clip you can place the face mask well on your face. Press the nose clip for a good fit on your face and then put your glasses on your nose. The nose clip prevents condensation of the glasses during exhalation so that you can continue to see well at all times while wearing the face mask. The Breezy mouth mask can easily be washed out in the washing machine at 60°, allowing you to reuse the mask at any time.

Face mask and driving lessons

If you are busy with your driving lessons there is no possibility to take a meter distance from your driving instructor. While driving, however, it is very important that you can see well. As a wearer of glasses in the car, it is therefore not useful if your glasses are fogged up while driving, and you still need to be able to protect yourself and your surroundings against the Covid-19 virus.

Today, opt for a Breezy face mask with unique properties that protect you and your surroundings against harmful substances in the air, without sacrificing comfort or normal vision.

Get your new Breezy mouth mask today and choose safety, comfort and protection for you and your environment. Take a look at our entire range and enjoy the comfort and safety that our Breezy face mask can offer you.