Keep your mask daily at hand

Face masks have become the standard nowadays. Going to the stare, walking around in your village or going to the park, visiting an amusement park, going to school, restaurant, the movies, … These are all moments where a face mask is mandatory.

The comfort of a quality mask should not be underestimated. Wearing a Breezy mask is fun. Yes, fun. Attached is a headband that keeps pressure away from the ears. The valves will keep you fresh and neat. Breezy mask will keep your wearing comfort to the maximum.

A few more advantages listed of Breezy masks:

  • Mask is made out of an ultra-breathable mesh fabric
  • Washable at 60°
  • Replaceable filters that protect both the carrier and his or her environment
  • The valves keep you fresh and alert, additionally CO2 accumulation is prevented
  • Easily adjustable in size due to the velcro headband
  • Choose out of 6 different colours, matching your outfit
  • 3 different sizes (S-M-L). Ensure the perfect fit for your face
  • With our additional AC80 filters, we also provide anti-pollution protection, which is ideal for urban areas
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