Safe martial arts with the Breezy sports mask

The Corona Crisis threw a wrench into the work of many people who practice martial arts. Nowadays, it is not safe to train together without running the risk of infection. At least you would think so. There is definitely a way to do boxing, karate, judo, or any other combat sport safely. This by choosing the Breezy sports mask. It’s time to see what this mouth mask can do for martial artists!

The risk in martial arts

Before looking at the benefits of the Breezy Comfort Mask, it’s worth zooming in on the combat sport itself. Why is combat sport so difficult at the moment? Martial arts are one of the few sports where it is impossible to keep a distance from each other. You will have to grab, hit or kick the opponent at some point. Social distancing is not possible. Without proper protection, there is a good chance that drops of saliva will end up on the other person’s face. If you are infected with the coronavirus and not know it, you can simply infect the other person.

The right protection with Breezy

Martial arts without protection are therefore not possible. But a martial art with a normal paper mouth mask isn’t much fun. With each movement you make, the mouth mask shifts and no longer offers adequate protection. Fortunately, Breezy’s Sports Mask changes that. This is a mouth mask specially designed for athletes. And it always goes well with your kimono or under protection.

All the masks you can order from us are reusable. After training, you can put the mouth mask in the storage bag provided so you don’t have to touch it anymore. Throw it in the washing machine and use the sports mask again in the next workout. Thanks to the powerful “Covid-19 approved” filters, you are now at least protected.

Suitable for any type of combat sport

Although you can use our mouth mask for almost any sport, it is especially suitable for people who play combat sports. This is mainly because it stays in place with the headband. Whether you plan to do a high kick during MMA or roll your opponent to the ground during wrestling, with the Breezy Sports Mask you can enjoy sports. You will be protected by the powerful filter in all close contact sports. It is not only pleasant for you, but also for your training partner. This is the purchase for anyone who practices Thai Boxing, Ji-jitsu, Kickboxing or any other martial art!

If, despite the Corona measurements, you still want and are allowed to do martial arts, then the Breezy Mouth Mask is the trump card to craft. With this comfort mask, you will not only be able to exercise comfortably, but also know for sure that you can exercise safely. Take a look at the range to see which Breezy sports mouth masks are currently available!

INTERESTED? Email us at for special rates for your sports club. Printing with the club logo is also possible.

Suitable sports: Judo, Karate, Thai box, Boxing, Ji-jitsu, Thai-jitsu, Nin-jitsu, Kempo, Aikido, Kickboxing, Savate, MMA, Wrestling, Kapoeira, Escrima, Budo, Kendo, Krav-maga, Kungfu, Thai chi and many others.