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Manager Technical Inspotors in Insurance
Trainer at Volleyball club MAVOC (Mechelen)

“It all begun when my wife and I tested positive for Covid-19. AFter 4 tough weeks, volleyball finally came back in my life. How would I as a trainer, and more specifically, how would we as a club ever be able to start up again safely? The masks that I knew from my work would not be sufficient to comfortably and safely play sports. We were lost and didn’t know what do do.”

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Entrepreneur and Freelance Prevention Advisor
Auxiliary Ambulance worker

“As an ambulance and prevention advisor I came into contact with Corona on a daily basis. I saw the suffering this virus inflicts on families and how it affected our daily lives. When I heard how my father cared for the safety of his players, I knew I had to do something. After all, volleyball is a part of my family. I immediately felt involved and we started working as a close family.”

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Today, team Breezy consists of 10 committed individuals. Together we offer the solution for an extra safe restart of sports activities. A product that we support, and above all, a mask that we like to wear.

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