Play sports with a face mask

Want to buy a mouth mask online for single or team sports? Then Breezy is the right mask for you.

The Breezy sports mask ensures that you can play sports safely again. In team, in group or alone. And without having to sacrifice comfort. Playing sports with a mask is definitely possible.

Some features that make Breezy unique:

  • Mask is made out of an ultra-breathable mesh fabric
  • Washable at 60°
  • Replaceable filters that protect both the carrier and his or her environment
  • The valves keep you fresh and alert, additionally CO2 accumulation is prevented
  • Easily adjustable in size due to the velcro headband
  • Choose out of 6 different colours, matching your outfit
  • 3 different sizes (S-M-L). Ensure the perfect fit for your face
  • Put your own logo on the mask!
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Our "Covid-19 approved by Centexbel" filters are a guarantee of comfort and quality. #Iprotectyou

Advanced filters to play sports

Standard SP70 sport filter:

  • Covid-19 approved by Centexbel (BE)
  • Filtration efficiency (BFE) of 3.0 μm particles: 99.7% (Cat.1)
  • Filtration efficiency (PFE) of 0.3 μm particles: up to 72% (EN 13274-7:2019)
  • The soft and comfortable inner fabric prevents skin irritation
  • Hypoallergenic in summer and winter
  • Replaceable and you get 4 with each set

De AC80 koolstof filter:

  • Filter with active carbon layer
  • Works as an anti-pollution filter
  • Removes fine dust particles, smog, exhaust fumes, pollen, etc. from the air
  • Useful for (forklift) drivers, cyclists or joggers in urban areas,...

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