Working from home is not always possible. In some sectors, it is expected that as an employee, you just come to your workplace during the Covid-19 pandemic, often because it really cannot be otherwise.  To ensure that you can work safely without compromising on comfort, we have developed the Breezy face mask. With the Breezy mouth mask you can work safely in any sector without running the risk of contaminating anyone or contaminating yourself. If, for example, you work as a driver, agent or security guard, it is important that you can carry out your work safely on location. With the Breezy face mask you can work safely without being afraid of shortness of breath or shortness of breath during your work.

Working safely on the work floor

During this hazardous period, employers and employees have to adapt to the development of the virus and the accompanying measures. In various situations it has therefore become compulsory to wear a face mask. Why is safe working important and how do you best protect yourself and your colleagues against the Covid-19 virus?

Nowadays, working safely and wearing a mouth mask go hand in hand so that you and the people around you are protected against the Covid-19 virus. If you have to spend a full working day wearing a face mask, then wearing a face mask comfortably, intelligibility, ventilation and hygiene are extremely important. Unlike disposable face masks, the Breezy mask does not put pressure on the ears, but the mask is supported by a comfortable headband in combination with ear loops.

With the Breezy work mask you can breathe in breathable mesh fabric and the valves ensure that heat and CO2 accumulation can escape easily. Because of these properties you can wear a Breezy face mask longer than a disposable one. The soft inner layer and custom filters also prevent skin irritation while wearing the mask.

Do you work as a driver, order picker, host or hostess, in the office or as a facility staff? Then it is important that you protect yourself and your surroundings with a suitable face mask for your work.

Security agents, insurance experts and real estate agents also benefit from our work mask. Professions like these require that, despite wearing the mask, you also have to be clearly understandable. Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Then we also offer the possibility to personalise the mask with, for example, the company logo.

With the Breezy mouth mask, safe working becomes easy and comfortable. Whether you exercise intensively during your work, work long hours or have a lot of contact with other people: with our Covid-19 approved by Centexbel Breezy face mask you can go to work every day with a safe feeling.

Keep working safely in times of Covid 19

With our Breezy face mask you will find the perfect balance between protection, free breathing and fresh air during labour intensive work. Our filters offer the right protection for every situation. For example, you can choose a 4-layer filter for medium intensive jobs or a 5-layer filter for intensive jobs. If you are also looking for protection against fine dust particles, smog, exhaust fumes and other hazardous substances in the air, then choose our AC80 carbon filter.

Go to work with safety and peace of mind with our Breezy face mask. Curious about the possibilities of a personalised mask for the whole office? Then send an email to for more information and our rates.